Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Those little moments in time.

Have you ever noticed that try as you may to plan special experiences with your friends and families it is always those spontaneous little moments that become memorable and stay with us. The most fun I have had this Holiday season happened completely on it's own at the most unexpected time.
My sister traveled from her home a few hours from me to visit my parents and my family for Christmas. We tried to plan a Christmas celebration and do fun things but it always ends up more stressful than fun (As things often do with my family) So Monday they were packing up their things to head on the trip back home. The kids were on complete overload and the adults were at the end of our ropes. It the process of packing, the kids escaped out front running around wildly in the cold snow. My brother in Law was attempting to pack up the family dog and it's belongings and dumped the entire bucket of tiny dog food all over the front porch and step. We began cleaning it up and before I realized who started it or how it began there was snowballs flying in every direction. The adults and children alike... running around outside in the cold with no coats or gloves flinging snow with our bare hands at each other... laughing and giggling. Even Nana got in on it (A miracle in and of it self) We played for a good half an hour until we were all frozen wet and cold yet still with big smiles on all of our rosy faces.
These are the things memories are made of. I Cherish these moments the most.

Adult Proof

Why must all children's toys be secured as if they were a national treasure? I hardly believe barbies and bakugans' qualify for that status. Why is it that for days after Christmas I am still trying to unlock the packages that are my children's Christmas presents. All of you whom have children know exactly what I am talking about. They package things so tightly it takes a miracle to get them open. There is tape, screws, twisty ties, rubber bands and all other manner of securing devices. Next thing you know we will need bolt cutters and explosive devices to free the darn things. If I didn't know better I would say it takes more to package the toys than it does to make them. I wish some day they would figure out a better way to do things but I doubt it. One can dream can't they?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My fancifuls.

So I finally have broken through the thick layer of uncertainty and started to just create things. Perfect they may not be but at least I have overcome my reluctant tendencies. So hopefully they can only get better. Over a year ago or so I went bead crazy... addictive little shinnies they are. I went and purchased hundreds of dollars worth of beads and beading supplies with grand plans in store to create things I could sell on eBay or the such. When I felt satisfied I had enough to get me started I went home and proceeded to freeze with fear. I decided that I could not possibly make anything anyone would want to purchase let alone find appealing. So ... the beading supplies lay dormant in a box in my basement. Until now... I finally decided I needed to just start making something and get my self over my idiosyncrasy's. So here they are... My fancifuls. I made a couple of beaded spider Christmas ornaments to go with the spider Christmas story and a couple of beaded necklaces to give to the Nana's.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Poor Hubby.

I have decided that my poor hubby is doomed. It is bad enough that there is always a honey do list ... (But then again.. most hubby's have those) Mine involves grandiose projects all the time. Creations of my mind left for him to try and create with only my explanation for directions. We just moved and are still getting settled in and we have a TON of to do projects on fixing up the home here and there. I have already created two projects on top of all the others that I want him to build. He seems to enjoy it so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad... and well... I have to say it is his fault for being so handy and so darn good at it. I love the hubby he makes me happy.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am who I am.

I am new to the whole blog thing. I hope that you all will bare with me as I learn and grow. I should begin with an introduction. I Amelia... I am married and a mother of three small children. I have a girl and two boys. I will talk about them a lot since they are my life. I will refer to my daughter as Sweetie. My older boy is Boy (at least for now) and my baby boy is Bubbo. There is also the Hubby.
I have decided to start this post so that I can share with others and hopefully discover more about who I am. I have a lot of things that I love to do but being a mother of three and having a job (On top of the three jobs, or four if you count the hubby) does not leave me with a lot of time to do the things I would like. I am hoping that having to answer to someone (You all) Will push me to make more progress in that area.
Some of the things I love to do... I love art. I love to draw and would love to learn to paint more and do other forms of art. I am picture crazy and would love to take some photography classes. I used to love to bake but it seems lately that has been less of a pleasure and more of a stress. I enjoy jewelry and making things with beads. I have had a life long infatuation with horses and love all fuzzy cute creatures.
I will have to share more about myself as the days go by... I can not cover my life story in one posting. So since I am short on time and the Bubbo is sleeping and the Hubby just got home.. I will conclude this very long winded post and pick up another day. We will see you all sometime soon.