Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm terrible.

Okay- So I am really awful at this blogging thing. I will try and do better. Time -well, there is just not enough of it. Time flies when you are having fun... Lately time flies even when your not.
Since it has been a while (that is an understatement) I will give you a quick update and go from there. Chica and boy have one month of school left. Now, normally I would be dreading them being home all day (they tend to bicker a lot) but this year has been a rough one. The boy is in kindergarten and I have been taking them to their old school since we moved, I wanted them to be able to finish up the year. Problem with this is.... It takes me twenty minutes to get there. I have to drive there to drop them off in the morning, pick the boy up mid day and then again to pick up the Chica at the end of school. So you can only imagine the amount of time I spend packing up the kidlets driving back and forth and the tremendous mileage and gas bill it creates. I am exhausted and feeling extremely done. I am really looking forward to spending some time at home. Unfortunately due to my schedule my work at home has suffered. My home projects are sadly neglected.
The hubby has been spending some time out of town and I am feeling tired of responsibilities by my self. I look back at my life now and wonder how I ever survived 17 months with out him. I suppose you do what you have to do. After this little trip he will be home for a while.
I have not had time for any fun, cute little projects... I am hoping to take some up when my schedule changes.
Chica is turning 9 in a couple of days. When does it happen? When do they go from needing you constantly to thinking you know nothing? Yesterday she was a baby snuggled in my arms refusing to let me put her down (not that I minded too much.) Now she is steps away from being a teenager and I don't feel ready.
On top of this Bubbo baby turns one at the end of this month. I really enjoy the stage he is at now. He still needs me. His personality shows more every day. The only part I can't figure out is why at almost one, he is still not sleeping through the night. I forgot what it was like to get a decent nights sleep. Any help here?
So this is my life in a nutshell. Always running, trying to keep up with constant change. I am hoping to keep this updated more frequently. Until the next time... have a good one.