Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonderfully Caotic weekend!

This weekend was as jam packed as they come... but it was wonderful. We had way to many things planned for one weekend, however we didn't have much of a choice. Since the hubby is a weekend weekend of every month is taken up. Unfortunately the last few months had been the first weekend of the month.. which is also the weekend we would want to bless our sweet baby girl. This month it happened to be different so we this was the month to bless her. We also decided we wanted to have a garden and in order to do that have to get the garden boxes set up. We attempted last week to get that done but did not get anywhere close. So... this was the weekend for it all.

It started Saturday Morning ... We began with the garden... It just so happened that Joy from Joy in the Garden was at the Local Store near our home so we decided to go meet joy. The kidlets were very excited. Okay so Chica was really excited and the Boy was only somewhat excited. By the time we actually got to meet her Boy was on board too. She signed our books and gave the kids some small talk of encouragement and then we were off to gather the necessary items for a garden. The Mr. had already built the boxes but we needed the soil. Of course in the process of gathering the children came across the baby chics and decided that we needed to have them. We did end up buying chics... however it was not the same they had in mind... the chics we went home with were of the sugary marsh mellow type. Much easier to care for.
Then when we got home my sister , her girl and my mother came over to visit. My sister came to town with her daughter so they could be here for the baby blessing. The girls were all giggly delight. I helped them make some flower clips and they played while the adults talked and played as well. Grandma even made some flower clips and hair bows. It was fun. Oh yes I forgot to mention while all the girls were doing fun crafty things... The hubby was out slaving away putting together the garden and the boxes and building a fence to keep the neighbors two large dogs from messing on our property and prevent them from reaching the garden (which is right up against our house... annoying dogs).
As soon as that was done we were off to my in-laws home for a blessing celebration as well as a birthday celebration. It was nice to get together and spend time with everyone. Then off for home and to bath the kids and get them all ready for the baby blessing the next day. Needless to say I was exhausted.
It was a bit hectic but the blessing went well with out any major hitches. She didn't even cry during the blessing sweet little thing. This, unfortunately is the best we could come up with for a family photo. It is pretty difficult to get four children to cooperate for a photo op.

Her auntie made her the most amazingly beautiful blessing dress. I will post more in a little bit. It was gorgeous!! Thanks to Aunt Emma.
Then off to home when my parents, my sister and her daughter came for dinner and more fun. The girls all got into making more flower clips and hair bows and just had fun being together.
It was a very nice weekend. Not a moments rest but it was quite perfect. Nothing better than doing the things we love with the ones we love. Thanks to all who participated!