Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life..Love & Logic.

Well I missed last week but I am still determined to blog more often than I did. Life over the last couple weeks has settled a bit but not as much as I would like. I am not sure life with four children would ever calm down to my liking ;p.
Well Bubbo and Baby girl have been sick and they decided to be loving and share with me. Baby girl has been improving from the Serum sickness. I sure wish I had taken pictures it was pretty awful. They gave her a steroid which reduced the swelling almost immediately. The hives have taken a little longer to go away. However the Steroids have their own fun side affects... Like a two year old with Roid Rage! That was super fun. Her nap schedule was blown to smithereens and you would think she was Bi Polar. She wood swing from laughing to screaming to crying all in a mater of seconds. I am happy to say we survived and she is returning to a normal (As normal as two year olds can be) child. Now if we can just get past this cold that is kicking our cans to the curb.
I worry about Bubbo..every time he gets a cold he wins himself and ear infection. I am just holding my breath but I really think one is already started. The Mr. and I talked about it and decided if he got another one within a month he would need to have tubes and it looks like the writing is on the wall :( . It makes me super nervous. My concern is the amount of anti biotics we are pumping into his system in such a short time frame it is ridiculous. I also don't feel it is fair for him to be so miserable all the time. It is a tough decision and one that I have not come to lightly.
Well that has been Life...Now to the Love & the Logic. Two of my favorite words right now. I had the opportunity to attend a Seminar by Jim fay for Love and Logic. It has already had a huge impact on our family. I was so eager to find something that would work for our family. We have toddlers, middle aged child and a pre teen and the mix was not going well. My pre teen, Chica, has already been giving me grey hairs with a power struggle like no other. My three year old Bubba well, lets just say who ever coined the phrase Terrible Twos...had not yet discovered the Tyrannical Threes! Baby girl is rather mellow still but I have noticed her starting to pick up on the others and a need to hold her own. So I immediately put Love & Logic to work. It has only been a week and the Progress has been amazing. It has not been an easy week and I know I have messed up some but It will take some adjusting and a bit of a learning curve. The yelling in our household has almost come to a stop...For me and the Mr. It has stopped. The children are still working things out and testing the perimeters but are getting better. I think it will still take a lot of work and a lot of consistency but our children and our family will be better for it. I WISH I had taken this class years ago. I can't change the past but I can affect our future! I will have to share more of the Love and Logic stories and ideas as our family experiences them. All I can say is start looking into it now..It is truly wonderful.
As for my goals..I am forming more as I go and doing okay. I have been eating healthier, praying more often, reading my scriptures and working out more often. It seems to me life is easier to handle even the hard things seem a little easier. Now the trick is to keep it up. What do I do now???.... I heard a quote and I love it..."Stay calm and carry on"

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