Friday, March 19, 2010

Perfection at any given moment....

I saw this posted on Facebook and really enjoyed it.
I have small children... If you come over unannounced there WILL be toys from one end of the house to the other, dishes in the sink, and hell, there might even be food crumbs on the floor...But we WILL be happy, and that's all that matters to us!.
To often (I believe it is even more amplified in LDS women) we get caught up in the desire for perfection. So much so that it causes many woman to go near insane in pursuit. We look at others and see only the side they show, in some cases it may seem perfect but I am almost sure that no one has obtained perfection. So while you may look at their home and see perfection and order where your own feels like ciaos they are experience ciaos in some other portion of their life where we may feel perfection.
We need to stop comparing ourselves and our situations to others and focus on what makes us happy. For me I want a clean house and I try... but I have four children and my idea of clean doesn't coincide with four children. So for now I have a cluttered but fairly clean home. Someday I may obtain my version of clean, however at that point I may wish for the cluttered home and the sound of little children playing happily with toys. So I have to look and say, I love my children their for I can deal with the mess. We are happy. I see as close to perfection at any given moment... it is just perfection in something different than what I may have been looking for.

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